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Healthy scalp=healthy hair. Continuing with our wellness approach to healthy hair growth, introducing our plant based dry shampoo. Applicator brush included. (2oz)

Product Lasts 12 Months 


• Helps stimulate hair follicles while balancing the scalp.

• Creates great volume while removing impurities in between washes.

• Works great with the rest of the Rn Jord hair care line.

• This lightweight formula won’t build up on your hair- soothing and stimulating essential oils of peppermint and rosemary. 


Apply a small amount of powder onto applicator brush. Dust into hairline and roots to refresh, absorb oil and create volume.


*diatomaceous earth, *arrowroot powder, *calcium bentonite clay, baking soda *peppermint essential oil, *rosemary essential oil, *coco powder (in dark formula

*certified organic


"This is literally the best dry shampoo EVER! It never builds up and makes my scalp feel gritty. Its fresh, light, and blends right in. Gives great volume and I can go longer in between washing. This is a must!" ~Alex

"Other dry shampoos I have tried had propane, and butane in the ingredients- gross!! This fresh, clean formula works way better than any other brand I have tired. Love that its so pure and healthy. I love the kabuki applicator brush that comes with it too. Very happy." ~Dee

"This stuff works!!! I am never going back to any other dry shampoo! Read the ingredients of your dry shampoo! Its shocking! Ren Jord has created the most pure, clean hair care products out there. And they work! Cant wait to buy these products as gifts!" ~Sara

"LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I cant recommend this dry shampoo enough! I have tired every product out there and none compares to this one. It actually cleans my hair and leaves it feeling healthy and fresh. Finally!!" ~Sima

"I love that I can use these products and not worry about my kids getting into it or spraying something that could harm them. This company is so transparent with their ingredients and they work! Pure and simple. Love it!" ~Amy

"After working out- its the perfect product for when i don't have time to wash my hair. Fresh scent and it doesn't build up on my hair like most dry shampoos out there. Awesome stuff!" ~Liz

"I just had baby #2- and lets be real- I don't have time to wash my hair as much as I would like. This dry shampoo has literally saved me! Love how clean it is and how it makes my scalp feel! You wont regret buying this product!! " ~Abigail 

"Never going back to any other dry shampoo!!!! I hated how the others made my hair feel- gritty, stiff- the smell was terrible. Then my friend told me about this dry shampoo and wow! It is amazing and really works! Love that they have a dark and light formula so it blends into my hair. Cant recommend this enough!" ~Ashley






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Geneva, Illinois

Sage Healing Collective
525 S. Tyler Road
St. Charles, Illinois


I cannot say enough good things about Ren Jord products. They have completely changed my hair game and I love it! The Balancing Tonic re-grew my thinning hair after 4 weeks. Sparse hair at my temporal hairline had actually filled in! This product has re-energized my hair, making it fuller, softer, healthier.


I have been LOVING Ren Jord products. My hair has gotten thicker and more luscious. For years my hair had been thinning. Now it feels thick and looks like it's growing more. I am so happy and never thought my hair would be thick again. Thank you for your research, dedication and passion for Ren Jord.



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