Our customers' most frequently asked questions are answered here by our founder, Jessi Atkocaitis. 

Is there a transition period when I switch over to Ren Jord products?

Yes. Everyone's transition looks different. It depends on what you have been using on your hair previously, medical conditions, body chemistry, medications, hormones....it all affects your hair and skin. Typically it takes about 3-6 weeks for your hair to transition or "detox". Your hair may feel more oily, limp. and more build up at the roots. After your scalp adjusts and your follicles have detoxed is when you start to see new hair growth, less scalp issues, more shine, manageability, overall more healthy hair. Its worth the wait! 

Why does your hair detox when switching over to Ren Jord products?

Our hair follicles get clogged with chemicals that are commonly found in conventional hair care products. These synthetic fragrances, parabens, PEG's, Phthalates, and sulfates greatly impact our scalp health. When our follicles are damaged with these harsh ingredients- its prevents healthy growth and hair. 

Most hair loss issues are due to hair follicles being damaged or clogged- once you go through the detox phase and apply Ren Jord products- it helps stimulate and promote healthy scalp which will give you optimal hair growth. Healthy hair starts at the roots!

Will Ren Jord products guarantee hair growth?

As in any product, Ren Jord does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. It encourages healthier hair product choices to help make your scalp and hair healthier to help promote hair growth, relieve scalp issues, and achieve overall better hair.

Do you put any additives or preservatives in your products?

No! None at all. Only organic, natural preservatives like vitamin E, coconut oil, radish root ferment which all naturally help the prolong product shelf life.

Our products are made with only fresh, organic food grade ingredients so the shelf life isn't as long as conventional hair care products. When stored properly- Ren Jord products last 6-9 months for the Balancing Tonic, Renewing Oil Treatment, and Coastal Sea Salt Spray- 12 months for Lift and Refresh Dry Shampoo.

Should I be switching over to a more natural shampoo and conditioner when i start using Ren Jord products? 

We always recommend switching over to a more natural shampoo and conditioner when using our products for optimal results. Ren Jord is currently formulating and creating a shampoo and conditioner.    

What is the difference between traditional heat processed hair products and cold pressed method when creating hair care products?

The heat process used in making most hair care products uses extreme heat which leads to evaporation of active ingredients and minerals- reducing nutrients in the products. It also has a massive environmental impact when using all of the heat and energy it takes to create these products. 

Here at Ren Jord we use organic, cold pressed ingredients when creating our products. It uses 90% less energy and it obtains 97% more nutrients. So you get a concentrated product that is uncompromised, giving you the most effective results. Our ingredients strengthen hairs roots to reduce fallout and breakage. 

Are your products recyclable? 

In Norwegian Ren Jord means "pure earth". It's exactly what this company stands for. We believe in using only the best products and use packaging, labels, and bottles that can be recycled/compostable. Even our business cards are made from recycled cotton t shirts. In every aspect- we try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We are still working on a biodegradable spray cap and straw. Stay tuned.

Where do your ingredients and packaging come from?

We are very proud to say that all of our ingredients, bottles, and packaging are from USA 

Where are your products produced?

They are made in small batches in IL

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