Our customer's most frequently asked questions are answered here by our founder, Jessi Atkocaitis. 

Will I see immediate results when I switch to Ren Jord products?

Just like when you switch to a clean eating regimen, you might experience a detox period when you start using Ren Jord’s products. Everyone's transition looks different and depends on what you have been using on your hair previously. Hair follicles get clogged with chemicals that are commonly found in conventional hair care products. These synthetic fragrances, parabens, PEG's, Phthalates, and sulfates greatly impact scalp health. When our follicles are damaged with these harsh ingredients, it prevents healthy growth and hair. Typically it takes about three to six weeks for your hair and scalp to transition or detox. Initially, your hair may feel more oily or limp and you may notice some build-up at the roots. After your scalp adjusts and your follicles have detoxed, you’ll start to see new hair growth, less scalp issues, more shine and manageability, and overall healthier hair. It’s worth the wait!

Do you put any additives or preservatives in your products?

No! None at all. Ren Jord only uses organic, natural preservatives like vitamin E, coconut oil, and radish root ferment, all of which naturally help to prolong product shelf life. Our products are made with only fresh, organic food-grade ingredients, so the shelf life isn't as long as conventional hair care products. When stored properly, the Balancing Tonic, Renewing Oil Treatment, and Coastal Sea Salt Spray all last six to nine months, and the Lift and Refresh Dry Shampoo lasts 12 months.

What is the difference between traditional heat-processed hair products and Ren Jord’s cold-pressed hair products?

The extreme heat process used in making most hair care products leads to the evaporation of active ingredients and minerals, reducing nutrients in the products. The heat and energy used also has a massive environmental impact. At Ren Jord, we use organic, cold-pressed ingredients when creating our products. It uses 90 percent less energy and retains 97 percent more nutrients. So you get a concentrated, uncompromised product, giving you the most effective results.

Where are your products sourced and produced?

We are very proud to say that all of our ingredients, bottles, and packaging are sourced in the USA. All our our products are made in small batches in Illinois.
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