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There are many causes of hair loss, scalp issues, breakage, and thinning. Ren Jord has the solution! Using only organic, plant -based, cold pressed ingredients- you can get the healthiest hair you have ever had. Stop hiding the problem, and start fixing it. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.  (4oz)

Product Lasts 6-9 Months



• Balances PH of your scalp

• Helps relieves scalp issues such as eczema, dandruff, and dry scalp

• Promotes hair growth by detoxing and stimulating hair follicles and maintaining natural oils. Nutrient dense ingredients such as hemp seed oil increases blood circulation in the scalp, while tamanu oil helps cellular health of the hair follicle. 


Mist 3-4 sprays into damp roots and massage in. 


distilled water, *tamanu oil, *hemp oil seed, *sea buckthorn oil, *vitamin e. *aloe leaf, *witch hazel, *lavender essential oil, *rosemary essential oil, *cedarwood essential oil, *peppermint essential oil,

*certified organic


"This tonic is like a facial for my scalp. It feels so refreshed and clean. I am so happy to have found a product that really works and is organic and non toxic". ~Arlene

"I have been using this Balancing Tonic for the past 4 weeks- and I am starting to see new hair growth around my hairline! It smells amazing- like I have been  to a spa. I will be trying other Ren Jord products for sure!"~Joanna

"I like that my husband and I can both use this for our hair. My dry scalp issues are gone and my husband is seeing his thinning areas fill in. I love how transparent this company is with their ingredients. Hard to find these days! I'm telling everyone I know!" ~Mary 

"The refreshing smell and feeling on my scalp is amazing! My hair has never been this healthy. I have been using the tonic and Renewing Oil Treatment for the last 2 months and I am never going back to conventional hair products. Love how clean and pure this company is!" ~Debbie

" My sparse hairline is totally filling in after using this tonic for the last 5 weeks! I am in shock. Anything else I have tried has never worked like this. And all the ingredients are organic- nothing toxic or harsh." ~Anne 

"Look no further for your hair loss solution! This stuff really works!" ~Chris

"My scalp has never felt so good. I have always struggled with eczema and dandruff- not anymore after using the Balancing Tonic for 6 weeks. I have tried so many products- and most have ingredients i don't want on my skin. Love this company! And their packaging and labels are recyclable/compostable. Wow!"~Lauren

"I tried Rogaine for about 9 months, and had no results for my thinning hair. I switched over to Ren Jord products- and I am amazed! My hair has never been this long and healthy. I am telling everyone I know!" ~Jennifer

" I really like the smell of this product. Fresh and clean. I have used the tonic for about 2 months and I have noticed new hair growth in my receding areas and in the back of my head. So happy I found Ren Jord!" ~Timothy

"I have only used this tonic for a week- and my psoriasis is completely cleared up! I am in shock! I cant wait to share this with everyone I know.  And I love that this is such a clean product!" ~Cristin

"I am OBSESSED!!!!! This product is a must! It smells so good and really works. My dry scalp is gone, I have new hair growth in the front, and my hair feels so healthy. Love how it is nontoxic and organic. Wow!" ~Aileen




Odalisque Beauty Apothecary
101 South 3rd Street
Geneva, Illinois

Sage Healing Collective
525 S. Tyler Road
St. Charles, Illinois


I cannot say enough good things about Ren Jord products. They have completely changed my hair game and I love it! The Balancing Tonic re-grew my thinning hair after 4 weeks. Sparse hair at my temporal hairline had actually filled in! This product has re-energized my hair, making it fuller, softer, healthier.


I have been LOVING Ren Jord products. My hair has gotten thicker and more luscious. For years my hair had been thinning. Now it feels thick and looks like it's growing more. I am so happy and never thought my hair would be thick again. Thank you for your research, dedication and passion for Ren Jord.



Refresh & Rejuvenate Your Hair

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