Our Founder

Why are there so many ingredients I don’t recognize — and can’t pronounce — in my luxury hair care products? And what are all of these mystery ingredients actually doing to my scalp and hair health? Jessi Atkocaitis, a hairstylist for more than 20 years, was determined to find out the answers to those questions, both for herself and her clients, many of whom were struggling with hair loss, dry hair, and frizz and finding that conventional hair products were doing nothing to help.

Jessi had seen massive results after switching to organic skin care, non-toxic household cleaning products, and cleaner eating habits, and deduced that hair care that followed the same philosophies would have similarly positive outcomes. However, it was almost impossible to find a hair care line that fit into her natural lifestyle. “I started researching pretty obsessively and realized that the chemicals added to many of these products were actually making both my and my clients’ hair worse,” Jessi says. “But I couldn’t find anything great to replace them. It was a little shocking and very frustrating.” Jessi decided that if she was discouraged by the gap in the marketplace, others probably were as well, so she decided to act.
“The first product I created was the Balancing Tonic. I tested it out on myself for more than a year, and the results were amazing. My scalp dryness was gone. My hair was growing like crazy, with less frizz and more shine, and I loved that I was using products that were good for my body, too.” Buoyed by the success of the Balancing Tonic, Jessi continued to create more of the products she and her clients so desperately needed to achieve the healthy scalps and full, shiny hair they desired. The result: a line of sustainable, non-toxic, organic products that work wonders and pay tribute to our wonderful Earth. Inspired by her Norwegian heritage, Jessi named the line Ren Jord, meaning “pure Earth.”

Jessi Atkocaitis, Founder