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PRESS RELEASE – St. Charles, Illinois (April 7, 2022) — Luxury, organic hair care line Ren Jord has partnered with style icon Rachel Zoe to offer Ren Jord’s organic, highly effective products through CURATEUR, Zoe’s membership service designed to provide women with the foundation they need to lead a life of style. CURATEUR ( ) will sell Ren Jord’s collection of products, including two new product bundles: The Essential Collection and The Growth Duo.

The Essential Collection includes four of Ren Jord’s best-selling products — the Renewing Oil Treatment, Balancing Tonic, Lift & Refresh Dry Shampoo, and Coastal Sea Salt Spray — while the Growth Duo includes the Renewing Oil Treatment and Balancing Tonic, both designed to stimulate hair growth by detoxing hair follicles and sealing in moisture.

Renewing Oil Treatment: A powerhouse hair-health solution, the Renewing Oil
Treatment contains rich, nutrient-dense ingredients like squalene and cypress oil to help detox your follicles and seal in moisture, stimulating hair growth and improving hair density and elasticity, effectively strengthening and thickening your hair. (Pro tip: It also works as an eyebrow growth treatment.)

Balancing Tonic: Like a facial for your scalp, the Balancing Tonic promotes hair growth by detoxing and stimulating hair follicles and maintaining natural oils. Nutrient dense ingredients like hemp seed oil increase blood circulation in the scalp, while tamanu oil helps the cellular health of the hair follicle.

Coastal Sea Salt Spray: A refreshing styling product that provides a beachy, tousled texture, Coastal Sea Salt Spray will make you feel like you were jumping in the waves all afternoon. Use the combo of sea salt, coconut and almond oils, lime, and vanilla on wet or dry hair.

Lift & Refresh Dry Shampoo: Available for light and dark hair, the Lift & Refresh Dry Shampoo helps stimulate hair follicles while balancing the scalp. The lightweight formula contains soothing and stimulating peppermint and rosemary essential oils that won’t cause build up. Creates volume while removing impurities in between washes.

Each Ren Jord (Norwegian for “pure Earth”) product contains nothing artificial, fake, or toxic and uses only organic, biodegradable, cold-pressed ingredients, combined in a process that uses 90 percent less energy and retains 97 percent more nutrients than the extreme-heat process used to create most traditional hair care products. The result is a product line that strengthens roots at the scalp to reduce fall-out, breakage, dryness, and frizz and to promote hair growth and density. All packaging and labels are recyclable and compostable, and all Ren Jord products are sustainably made in small batches for optimal potency.

Rachel Zoe’s CURATEUR has been called an “exclusive membership into an elite world of luxury” (Byrdie), and POPSUGAR gave it a “perfect five stars. The quality is impressive, the pieces are on trend, and the value can’t be beat.” Zoe shares Ren Jord’s focus on Earth-consciousness with its Sustainability Promise. Zoe says, “sustainability is always chic and will forever be in style,” and Ren Jord founder Jessi Atkocaitis agrees. Shop Ren Jord’s entire
sustainable line now at Instagram: @ren.jord



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Ren Jord: Jessica Atkocaitis has been a hairstylist for over 20 years and used only the best products on herself and her clients—or so she thought. She realized that even high-end brands have ingredients that cause skin irritation and dry hair. “I was personally dealing with hair loss after my third child and started my journey of exploring clean, organic hair solutions,” says Atkocaitis. “I started researching numerous ingredients, how products are regulated by the FDA and what is causing these issues. What caused hair loss, and what could help? I was stunned to find that so much is not regulated, marketed to be ‘clean’ when in fact it is far from it.”

For over a year, Atkocaitis worked on formulating her own products and tested them on her hair. She reports the results were impressive. Her hair was growing stronger, healthier and shinier. While she had no intentions of selling her creations or turning them into a brand, she gave them to friends, family and clients, and the response was overwhelming.

Ren Jord, which means “pure earth” in Norwegian, has launched with four plant-based and organic products: Lift & Refresh Dry Shampoo, Balancing Tonic, Renewing Oil Treatment and Coastal Sea Salt Spray. The products are priced from $42 to $58 and available at various boutiques and apothecaries across the United States as well as online on the brand’s website. Atkocaitis has self-funded the runs the business, which she operates as a solopreneur. 

While science-y hair care is all the rage at the moment, Atkocaitis is a firm believer in the power of actives found in nature. “The ingredients used in Ren Jord formulations have been used for over thousands of years by herbalists, holistic practices and natural doctors to remedy various hair and scalp issues,” she says. “There doesn’t need to be a huge long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Our products are minimal yet luxurious.” 




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