"This tonic is like a facial for my scalp. It feels so refreshing and clean. I am so happy to have found a product that really works and is organic and non toxic." -Arlene

"I like that my husband and I can both use this for our hair. My dry scalp issues are gone, and my husband is seeing his thinning areas fill in. I love  how transparent this company is with their ingredients. Hard to find these days! I'm telling everyone I know!" -Mary 

" My sparse hairline is totally filling in after using this tonic for the last five weeks! I am in shock. Anything else I have tried has never worked like this. And all the ingredients are organic- nothing toxic or harsh." -Anne 

"My scalp has never felt so good. I have always struggled with eczema and dandruff- not anymore after using the Balancing Tonic for 6 weeks. I have tried so many products- and most have ingredients i don't want on my skin. Love this company! And their packaging and labels are recyclable/compostable. Wow!"-Lauren


"This is literally the best dry shampoo EVER! It never builds up and makes my scalp feel gritty. It's fresh, light, and blends right in. Gives great volume, and I can go longer in between washing. This is a must!" -Alex 

"This stuff works!!! I am never going back to any other dry shampoo! Read the ingredients of your dry shampoo! It's shocking! Ren jord has created the most pure, clean hair care products out there. And they work! Cant wait to buy these products as gifts!" -Sara

"Never going back to any other dry shampoo! I hated how the others made my hair feel: gritty, stiff and the smell was terrible. Then my friend told me about this dry shampoo and wow! It is amazing and really works! Love that they have a dark and light formula so it blends into my hair. Cant recommend this enough!" -Ashley


"I love how I can use just a little on my ends for some texture and shine, or I can use more to make my hair wavy. And the smell is incredible! Reminds me of the ocean." -Marilyn

"This stuff is sooo good! Other sea salt sprays I have tried dry my hair out so much. This is the perfect amount of salt without making my hair feel sticky. Love the smell!!" -Mary

"Thank you Ren Jord for making a sea salt spray that actually works and doesn't make my hair dried out. Love the shine and tousled look I get with this spray. Highly recommend!" -Kelly

"I use this on my daughter's hair after washing it. It makes it so pretty and helps her natural wave come out." -Jess