Renewing Oil Treatment

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The ultimate hair health solution. Whether its hair loss you are dealing with, breakage, or lack luster strands- this oil is the powerhouse your hair needs! (2oz)

Product Lasts 6-9 Months



• Rich, nutrient dense ingredients help detox your follicles, stimulate hair growth, seal in moisture, improved density and elasticity.

• Increases the length of your hair growth cycle while strengthening and thickening your hair.

• Our cold pressed, organic ingredients deliver 97% of nutrients to your scalp and hair-reducing fallout and breakage. 


Add a few drops onto palms and apply to wet or dry ends for shine and heat protectant. Mask: Apply along roots and on ends. Leave in overnight, wash out next day.


*coconut oil, *avocado oil, *castor oil, *tamanu oil, *squalene oil, *jajoba oil, *cypress essential oil, *cedarwood essential oil, *peppermint oil, *rosemary essential oil 

*certified organic


"This oil is amazing! I use it as a night time mask and on my ends for a heat protectant/shine. My hair is healthier, shinier, and long. These ingredients are simple but effective. Very impressed!" ~Beth

"I have been using the Renewing Oil Treatment for 3 months- and my scalp issues are completely cleared up. And I see all this new hair growth on the stop of my head! I have tried so many hair products to help with hair growth- and none of them worked like this oil. Highly recommend." ~Trish

"I love that these products are organic, and that their packaging is recyclable and compostable. Nice to see a company who has it all covered. And these products work! My hair has never been healthier. Love!" ~Erin

"I love this oil! It works wonders for my dry, curly hair! And it smells amazing- clean and like a spa. Everyone should be using this product." ~Denise

"I have been experiencing hair loss for months after having our third baby. It is devastating. I tried the Renewing Oil Treatment and Balancing Tonic for the last 6 weeks, and I am blown away. My hair has not been falling out as much as before, and I see all this hair growth all over my head. And it just feels so much healthier! Shiny, less frizz. I feel like I don't have to wash my hair as often either. I'm obsessed!" ~Kim

"I love using the oil for my receding hairline and in my beard. I don't have as many ingrown hairs after shaving and my hairline is definitely filling in with new hair growth. So excited about these organic, pure products that work!" ~Steve





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101 South 3rd Street
Geneva, Illinois

Sage Healing Collective
525 S. Tyler Road
St. Charles, Illinois


I cannot say enough good things about Ren Jord products. They have completely changed my hair game and I love it! The Balancing Tonic re-grew my thinning hair after 4 weeks. Sparse hair at my temporal hairline had actually filled in! This product has re-energized my hair, making it fuller, softer, healthier.


I have been LOVING Ren Jord products. My hair has gotten thicker and more luscious. For years my hair had been thinning. Now it feels thick and looks like it's growing more. I am so happy and never thought my hair would be thick again. Thank you for your research, dedication and passion for Ren Jord.



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